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Trump and the Task Force: 4.19.20

Hello everyone, and I hope you all have had a nice weekend! In this post, I will be recapping President Trump’s most recent task force conference.

*Disclaimer- as previously discussed, I am not endorsing any president/presidential candidate in the 2020 election. I am simply reporting on the most pressing details from the conference.

President Trump reported some rather encouraging news. He confirmed that “we are going to start opening our country,” and later added that ”America continues to make steady progress in the war against the virus.” He spoke about the increase in testing and producing ventilators. When asked about the protests, he said that he had no problem with the protestors, due to the fact that they were all six feet apart. He supported the work Angela Merkel of Germany has done, and is considering lending unneeded ventilators to Mexico.

Vice President Pence credited governors nationwide for their efforts in combating the virus. He supported President Trump’s prior decisions and echoed his optimism when speaking about the job “the American people had done.”

Ms. Seema Verma, from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, credited both the President and Vice President for taking steps in dealing with the virus. She announced the United States is now requiring all nursing homes to speed up testing and report any new case of coronavirus.

As of now, it is up to the governors as to when to reopen their states. Trump has previously said the government will provide assistance if necessary.

If your friends or family have any questions about the current political climate, feel free to refer them to the site! Stay safe!!



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