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Immigration: Klobuchar supports what she calls “comprehensive immigration reform,” which includes the DREAM Act, border security, an “accountable pathway to earned citizenship.” Klobuchar does not agree with Trump on his children separation policy at the border. In an interview with ABC News, she said the United States “should have been working with these Central American countries a long time ago to try to get to a point where we didn’t see this extraordinary amount of people coming through.”


Gun Reform: Like many other candidates, Klobuchar believes it is best to implement universal gun background checks. She would eliminate “high ammunition feeding devices” and bump stocks. Klobuchar hopes to “expand the definition of a domestic abuser to include dating partners.” She would raise the minimum age for buying assault weapons from 18 to 21, and she would raise funding for gun violence by referring to it as a public health issue. 


Climate Change: If elected, Klobuchar would reverse Trump’s decision on day 1 to leave the Paris International Climate Agreement. She believes clean energy is the way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and she would put the United States on a path of zero emissions by 2050. Klobuchar additionally has proposed solutions to combat pollution, gas leakage, and she believes it is best to increase access to public transportation as a way to reduce emissions. 


Student Loan Debt: As a way to decrease advocate costs in higher education, Klobuchar would provide tuition-free community college, invest in apprenticeships, provide Pell Grants (loans that do not have to be repaid), simplify the financial aid process, and increase programs for adults who may not have had a degree. A policy Klobuchar has proposed has been increasing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education for women and underrepresented minorities. 


Healthcare: Klobuchar supports a public option of Medicare for All, believing it is the easiest way to reduce costs for healthcare. She would reform the Affordable Care Act to bring down costs for consumers and focus on improving maternity care. She would lift the ban that Congress has on negotiating prescription drug prices. Other initiatives include improving healthcare for veterans and seniors. 


Mental Health: A self described prioritizer of mental health and addiction, Klobuchar hopes to expand coverage for mental health treatment. She hopes to address the shortage of mental health care professionals. Specifically, Klobuchar’s policy proposal includes promoting early intervention for mental health disorders and drug use, launching a nationwide suicide prevention campaign, cracking down on opioid addiction, creating educational initiatives to combat alcoholism, and increasing research to find cures to some of the deadliest diseases.

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