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Immigration: One of Trump’s most ambitious plans includes his immigration policy. Most famously, as president, he has constructed a wall along the southern border. He has cracked down on DACA and he limited the amount of illegal immigration (269,419). Additionally, he has declared the building of the wall as a “national emergency.” He has hired 10,000 ICE agents as well as 5,000 border patrol agents. He has funded the Department of Homeland Security to catch gangs. 


Climate Change: Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accords. He does not believe that wind energy is an affordable or necessary investment (turbines). He calls clean air and clean water “his number one and number two.” Trump focuses more on “coal and fossil energy projects,” The Affordable Clean Energy Rule, and reversing Obama’s restrictions on gas drilling/oil on the gulf of Mexico. 


Student Loan Debt: President Trump issued Pell grants yearlong to low income students (does not specifically mention student debt on website). According to the White House’s release of Trump’s 2020 budget, he is expected to limit the amount of student loan debt and make higher education more affordable (although it lacks the specifics of how far he will go to cancel/limit the debt). 


Healthcare: Trump is working to repeal Obamacare, a policy he has called “a total disaster.” He has signed a six-year extension of CHIP in an effort to provide coverage to more Americans. Under his presidency, the FDA has funded a lot of generics, which are designed to lower prescription drug costs. Trump invested $6 billion into fighting opioids, fentanyl, and other drug addictions. In a transcripted White House interview, Trump expressed his support for banning all vaping.

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