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I am Jacob, and am the founder of ThatPoliticalKid. I am a junior in high school and have a passion for politics. Visiting the Capitol for the first time as a young child gave me a sense of euphoria.  Since those early days, I have enjoyed learning more about the government and educating myself on the principles of democracy. However, it is just as important to highlight certain political information to those who may not be aware. 

ThatPoliticalKid is an interactive political website that strives to provide accurate, nonpartisan information. After reading social media messages that spread false information, I felt compelled to create a website that provides comprehensive information without bias. 

I started this journey to educate Americans on the different presidential candidates and their platforms. Presidential elections are the core of our democracy. After the primaries concluded, I shifted my focus toward the policies of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. In present times, I write about current events, including but not limited to Supreme Court decisions, political scandals, presidential news, and Congressional legislation. 

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