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Immigration: Would end Trump’s children separation practice at the border and also end Trump’s “Muslim ban.” Sanders “immediately” plans to extend legal status to approximately 1.8 million youth eligible for the DACA program. He supports a quick path to citizenship for most immigrants. Sanders believes taxpayers are spending too much money on criminalizing immigrants, and he plans to propose community based alternatives to detention. Finally, Sanders would protect undocumented employees and limit any exploitation. 


Gun Reform: Similar to other democratic candidates for president, Sanders believes in increasing background checks, “taking on the NRA,” banning assault weapons, and banning the printing of bump stocks or firearms. 


Climate Change: A strong supporter of the Green New Deal, Sanders considers the current global climate “a global emergency.” He believes the lower class and minority communities are at a disadvantage when it comes to the possible threat of climate change. He would spend 16.3 trillion dollars toward revamping American energy production, the creation of jobs, reducing emissions, investing in conservation efforts, and in creating climate friendly vehicles. 


Student Loan Debt: One of Sanders’ most ambitious policies, he believes it is best to cancel all student loan debt for public colleges, universities, and trade schools when it comes to tackling student loan debt. Sanders would invest in historically black/other minority colleges, place a cap on student loan interest rates, fund a work program known as the Work-Study Program, as well as end gaps in higher education attainment. 


Healthcare: Sanders is a strong proponent of Medicare for All, a program designed to eliminate copayments, deductibles, premiums, and any out of pocket expenses. He hopes to also include eye care, dental care, maternity care, mental health treatment as 

well as prescription drugs into the Medicare for All coverage plan. 


Mental Health: Sanders includes mental health services under the Medicare for All plan. Specific goals he has are making drug transactions legal, increasing the number of healthcare professionals per community, giving inmates more access to mental health treatment, and increasing treatment opportunities for the lower class.

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