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Immigration: Four component plan: 

Promote belonging and democracy.

1. Protect the border and the people who arrive there.

2. Immediately would end family separation, invest in technological advances for immigration control, as well as improve the way that asylum seekers’ cases would be heard.

3. Engage with the global community.

4. Would end Trump’s Muslim Ban, increase aid to Latin American countries, and would undertake global leadership to protect refugees. 

Gun Reform: Expand background checks to all gun buyers, including a nationwide permit-to-purchase system which would be implemented at the state level. A unique part of Pete’s plan includes preventing something known as the “Charleston Loophole,” which allows all gun purchases to proceed automatically after 3 business days. Pete also recognizes the dangers of domestic relationships and assault, so he would expand law enforcement outreach in that area. Other policy proposals include funding gun violence research and banning assault weapons of any kind. 


Climate Change: Three pillar plan of building a clean economy, investing in resilience, and demonstrating leadership. By 2025, he wants to double the amount of clean electricity, and 25 years later, he aims to transform the country into 100% free emission and zero carbon. The American Clean Energy Bank would have $250 billion of loans to distribute to companies attempting to become globally sound. Tax incentives and zero emissions vehicles would become the standard. Will join the Paris Agreement on day 1 of presidency. 


Student Loan Debt: Any family earning $100,000 or less would earn free tuition to a public college. For any family earning $150,000 or less, he would implement subsidized amounts. Buttigieg would fund a 1 billion dollar community college program and strive to protect student athletes and workers. Pete plans to invest $10 billion into apprenticeships so that higher education does not only include traditional universities. 


Healthcare: Proponent of “Medicare for All Who Wants it,” and would allow universal coverage through the program. For seniors, Pete will drop out of pocket payments while ending surprise billing. Would reverse Trump Administration policies of loose healthcare regulations. 


Mental Health: Buttigieg would make mental health a part of Medicare for all who wants it. For veterans, he would spread awareness through the Department of Veteran Affairs. Pete believes in educating medical students about the dangers of mental illnesses so that the patients will be treated better. A unique part of his policy would be reducing the suicide prevention hotline to just 3 numbers. MAT- medication assistance treatment. As president, he would create a platform about raising awareness toward the issue.

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