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Immigration: End family separation, humanize immigration system. Create asylum process and give undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship. Expand protections for dreamers and reform detention procedure. 


Gun Reform: Strong supporter of a gun violence protection plan. Increase gun licensing. Strives to fight the NRA by establishing universal background checks, the banning of assault weapons, and cracking down on loopholes that could be dangerous. Tactics unique to his campaign include reducing gun owners to buying 1 gun per month, requiring handgun microstamping, as well as allowing victims of gun violence to speak up in court/seek justice. 


Climate Change: Recognizes that minority communities and low income communities are sometimes affected by clean energy. Wants to be 100% carbon free (energy wise) by 2030. Supports Green New Deal. Strives to end funding for fossil fuels and anticipates taking America to become an international leader in emissions reductions. Wants to rejoin Paris Agreement and would revoke Trump policies such as the Keystone Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline. 


Student Loan Debt: A unique aspect to Booker’s education goals includes investing in historically black colleges. In terms of debt, he would eliminate tuition for community colleges, reform the process for student aid, and increase the amount of apprenticeships available. 


Healthcare: Would join the fight of Medicare for All. Recognizes Canada has cheaper prices for the same medications that are available in America, so he would open negotiations for prescriptions. Wants to expand the number of patients that would receive long-term professional healthcare in the United States. He wants to increase the pay of health care professionals (minimum-$15 per hour). 

Mental Health: In an interview with Mental Health for US, Booker explained how he wants to prevent mentally unstable/depressed people from buying firearms so that more suicides can be prevented. He would ask the Department of Health and Human Services to “launch a campaign combating the mental health stigma.” He is a big supporter of the First Step Act, which is an initiative giving mental health treatment to those incarcerated. He is a co-sponsor of the Comprehensive Care 

withdrew 1.13.2020

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