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Immigration: Believes in “The American Dream.” As mayor, he established translation services for all immigrants, assisted immigrant entrepreneur hopefuls, and he founded the reform partnership with the New American Economy. In an interview with CNN, he stated that the priority of the U.S. should be creating a pathway to citizenship. He encourages immigrants helping the economy, saying “If we need scientists, then let’s (as a country) say we need scientists… If we need basketball players, then they (immigrants) can stay.” 


Gun Reform: Bloomberg has a section devoted to his campaign website in all bold called “Taking on the NRA.” Like other candidates, Bloomberg believes in responsible gun ownership. Specifically, he led investigations as mayor in NYC where detectives would find illegal guns, making New York a safer place. In 2018, he spent $110 million on electing candidates who had strong positions on gun safety. 


Climate Change: Having served as the UN Secretary- General’s Special Envoy for Climate Action, Bloomberg has a plethora of experience in dealing with the threat of climate change. He advocates eliminating coal usage, and he launched a sustainability plan where he reduced New York’s carbon footprint by 14%. “His mayoral administration planted 800,000 trees and added 850 acres of parkland.”


Student Loan Debt: Bloomberg has focused his attention upon helping minority communities achieve excellence in education. He wants to persuade colleges and universities to ignore financial setbacks when reviewing applicants. The American Talent Initiative helps to address the issue. Bloomberg, on a personal level, has donated more than 1.8 billion dollars to his alma mater, John Hopkins University, and wants other alumni to chip in also. He gave a 42% raise to teachers as mayor, founded a program (College Point) specializing in helping 66,000 students receive counseling. 


Healthcare: Wants to make healthcare affordable. Believes in reducing tobacco usage, as he knows it can cause certain kinds of cancers and illnesses. He reduced childhood obesity by 5.5% in NYC. 


Mental Health: While Bloomberg has not provided any information on his website in regards to mental health, his company has supported Time to Change, an advocacy group to help those in the workplace who are not mentally healthy. 

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