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Immigration: Biden wants to address the reasons people immigrate into America as well as promote legal immigration. Focuses of his campaign include protecting DREAMERS, reforming ICE, increasing support for immigrants, and creating an alliance with countries in North and South America as a way to find out why people migrate into the United States. Biden hopes to basically reverse every Trump policy, which includes but is not limited to the Muslim ban, decrease funding for the wall, ending detention sentences, and allowing more asylum seekers into the country. 


Gun Reform: Biden refers to gun safety as a “public health epidemic.” He believes it best to publicly speak out against the mission of the NRA. He strives to increase background checks on dangerous individuals, and as senator, he enforced a 10 year ban on assault weapons. He wants to hold gun manufacturers liable, which includes banning assault weapons permanently. 


Climate Change: Biden supports the Green New Deal, and he wants the United States to become 100% clean energy by 2050. He believes that the environment and economy are directly related. Biden would sign executive orders as president to address climate change, and would recommit to the Paris Accords. As vice president, he supported Obama’s Recovery Act, the most expensive clean energy investment in United States history. 


Student Loan Debt: Biden wants to help more people afford tuition into community colleges, including DREAMERS, who he would give 2 years of free tuition into the community colleges. Biden additionally believes in letting older adults have a chance in achieving an education tuition free. In terms of cost, he plans to propose a relationship between the federal government and individual states, where the federal government would pay 75% (in historically black colleges/minority institutions), with the state paying 25%. If someone makes less than $25,000 a year, then Biden would eliminate a financial payment for that person’s student loans. 


Healthcare: He believes that it is super important to protect the Affordable Care Act, which was signed into American law in 2010 by President Obama. Motivated by Trump, he wants to solve the problem of the rising number of uninsured Americans by re-establishing lower premiums, eliminating income inequality in hospital fees. He does respect the reality that some people want to keep their current private insurance, so he will give people a choice if they do not want to buy into the public option. 


Mental Health: Biden quotes himself as being a leader of expanding the public’s access to mental health treatment. He was a part of signing the Mental Health Parity Law and he strives to end the stigma surrounding it. 

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