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Immigration: One of Yang’s main initiatives is to secure the southern border and limit illegal immigration. At the same time, he hopes to provide immigrants living in the United States with a chance to have a stable living in the United States. He would also protect DREAMERS that are already residing in the United States. Yang hopes to expand the VISA program to attract international talent and he wants to grant international graduate students green cards. 


Gun Reform: Respecting the rights of gun owners, Yang plans to balance the freedoms of “bearing arms” with banning dangerous weapons. He will create a common gun licensing program and prevent dangerous individuals from owning guns. He would hold gun companies accountable for any liabilities. 


Climate Change: Yang’s plan is to make the United States emissions free by 2049. He is a proponent of renewable energy and is an advocate for sustainability. He would also end gas and oil leases in an effort to move away from the industry. Yang plans to tax businesses depending on the amount of CO2 that they release annually. 


Student Loan Debt: Yang believes it is important to control the price of higher education in the United States. In order to back his initiative up with facts, he plants to work with the U.S. Department of Education to get statistics on how much money certain groups of people have to take out in loans. Yang would invest in smaller schools as well so that not only the most famous schools would succeed. 


Healthcare: Yang is another supporter of Medicare for All, and he strongly believes prescription drug costs need to decrease in price. In terms of passing healthcare bills, Yang would limit the power of lobbyists in an effort to pass more bills in the House and the Senate. Yang is proposing a plan known as Telehealth, a “cost effective alternative to the traditional face- face way of providing medical care.” He believes this initiative will be a success, especially in rural communities. 


Mental Health: If elected president, Yang would integrate regular mental health checks into his Medicare for All plan. He would increase funding into life saving mental health resources, such as helplines, and he hopes those resources will prevent more suicides.

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