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Legal No More: What Happened to Cuomo and Trump’s Political Notoriety?

Just a few months ago, Cuomo and Trump were in the headlines day after day, and many suspected that Cuomo would resign as NY Governor, with Trump in jail. Are those suspicions still reasonable, and why has the mainstream media ignored these developments?

Let’s start with Cuomo. Beginning in December 2020, an ex-Cuomo staffer accused the Governor of sexual harassment. Following the initial allegations, more women came forward, and by February, several women came forward, and that does not include the women who remained anonymous. Around the same time period, it was discovered that Cuomo covered up the true

total of nursing home deaths in order to persuade the public that New York’s COVID-19 situation in those facilities was improving. Despite facing pressure from both sides of the political aisle to resign, Cuomo insisted he did nothing wrong, and as of today, still serves the state as Governor. There is an ongoing NY State Assembly dedicated toward his possible impeachment and removal from office.

At least thirty individuals have filed lawsuits against the forty-fifth President of the United States. In late March, the District Attorney’s Office of New York investigated Trump for possible bank, tax, and insurance fraud. Allen Weisselberg, is the Trump Organization’s Chief Executive Officer, a person of high interest in this investigation. Weisselberg has denied any involvement or knowledge of Trumps’ legal issues, and while he remains clear of criminal charges, prosecutors are requesting him to testify in court against Trump. He is also facing a defamation lawsuit, which could potentially lead to monetary remedies if found guilty by a civil court.

The lesson to takeaway from these ongoing lawsuits and investigations is that they require an extensive amount of research, testimony, and legal procedures. Unlike the Senate, which is often motivated by partisanship and alliances, the courts do not or at least should note impose their personal views on legislative activity. It may be months before we find out the truth, but when we do, we can count on the mainstream media to write about it in the headlines once again.




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