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Joe Biden Livestream 4.13. 20

Hi everyone! For this week’s blog, I will be recapping Joe Biden’s livestream from a few days ago.

*Disclaimer- (just like I have done in the past, I am not taking a side in this presidential race. My goal continues to be to provide nonpartisan political content for my audience.)

Now onto the info!

Who was involved: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders

Duration: 30 minutes

Topics discussed: A potential Biden presidency and how to address the Coronavirus outbreak

The unique part about this livestream was the fact that it was Biden’s first time going live as the official Democratic nominee for president. In doing so, he welcomed Sanders into the conversation. To start, Sanders officially endorsed Biden, and in return, Biden vowed to keep Sanders’ supporters in the political conversation. Biden and Sanders both accused Trump of “failing“ to do his job as commander in chief. Sanders asked Biden if he supported raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and in response, Biden confirmed he would support that agenda.

Biden brought up the argument to viewers that ”while he and Bernie have our differences,” “Bernie and I also agree on a lot of issues.”

In short, Biden argued he was the best person to address the concept of climate change, healthcare, and even shaping the economy. He told Sanders that “he cannot do this [job] on his own,” and told viewers how he feels the responsibility of running for president.

Thank you for reading! I plan to keep posting more and more content as always, so if you have not done so already, feel free to visit my instagram @thatpoliticalkid or subscribe to my site!




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