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Court Cases that Might Impact the Immediate Future

As I glimpse the news, two headlines stand out the most for further analysis: Rudy Giuliani‘s law license suspension and the Bl v. Mahanoy Supreme Court Case.

Why was Giuliani (at least temporarily suspended) from practicing law? The New York Supreme Court appellate panel concluded that the “respondent communicated demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers, and the public at large in his capacity as lawyer for former President Donald Trump.” Particularly, the court took issue with his unwavering support for the former president, as Giuliani believed that the 2020 presidential election was stolen and fraudulent despite a lack of legal evidence. Giuliani does have the right to appeal this verdict, and it seems he may do so, writing, “Will the panel for the NY Bar Association be held accountable for abuse of power?”

The Supreme Court also made its ways once again onto the national spotlight when they collectively ruled on a First Amendment case involving a high school student. Brandi Levy, who was in the ninth grade at the time, tried out for the varsity cheerleading team, but was not selected. Dejected, Levy posted a message with a few expletives on Snapchat, which ultimately led to her suspension from the junior varsity cheerleading team. Levy’s family sued the school district in response to the decision, claiming that she had the constitutional right to freedom of speech, noting that she posted the message outside of school hours and grounds. The Supreme Court ruled in her favor by an 8-1 margin, with Justice Thomas being the lone dissenter. In the majority, Breyer and others decided that the “criticism did not involve features that would place it outside the First Amendment’s ordinary protection.”

Two cases involving the ability to communicate personal opinions, with two very different outcomes. Giuliani faces an uphill battle if he wants to resurrect his legal career, while it seems that students have more rights to post messages, even if controversial, outside of the school. Comment below with your take on these decisions, decisions that may set a significant precedent for the future of law and politics.



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