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“What Happens in Vegas Does NOT Stay in Vegas.” Democratic Debate, 2/19/20

Las Vegas, Nevada. Paris Theater, 2/19/20

What an action packed debate! Filled with arguments and passion, this was a must see! Make sure you read the whole thing, as there is a really neat comparison at the end! Here are the FAQs:

*Who was in it? ... Joe Biden, Mike Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren.

*Who were the moderators?... Lester Holt, Chuck Todd, Hallie Jackson, Vanessa Hauc, and Jon Ralston.

*What were the key issues discussed?... climate change, a wealth tax, process for becoming president, healthcare, small businesses and their growth, experience, electability, and sustainability.

And the question you’ve been waiting for... what happened when Bloomberg showed up?

*Roasts from almost every candidate on stage! Warren argued Bloomberg used non disclosure agreements to prevent employees in his company from revealing the truth. She later said, “I’d like to talk about who we’re running against, a billionaire who calls women ‘fat broads’ and ‘horse-faced lesbians.’ I’m not talking about Donald Trump. I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg,”

Bloomberg responded by saying that he “has been nice to some women.” On another note, Biden argued that Bloomberg only stopped “stop and frisk” when Obama‘s Administration stepped in to fix it. Sanders attacked his wealth, and Buttigieg attacked his past registration as a Republican.

Major Rivalries:

*Klobuchar V.S. Buttigieg... 2 moderates going after each other! When Klobuchar admitted she forgot the name of Mexico’s President, Buttigieg fired back and explained how he thought she should have known such a basic fact. Klobuchar, in response, accused Buttigieg of “mocking her.” Later, Klobuchar and Buttigieg got into another argument about political experience.

*Sanders V.S. Bloomberg.... the 2 New Yorkers! In one instance, the two were engaged in a wealth dispute. When Sanders mentioned Bloomberg’s wealth and influence, Bloomberg fought back, saying that the “best known socialist up here owns 3 houses.” The crowd gasped, and Sanders admitted it was true.

So what were each of the candidates’ goals? Here is ThatPoliticalKid’s take:

Biden: get noticed! After a disappointing outing in the first 2 primaries, Biden tried building off of his experience and being a part of the Obama Administration, something most democrats could relate to. Biden also questioned Sanders’ math for his healthcare plan (Medicare for All).

Bloomberg; survive! Knowing this would be a chance for democrats to attack him, Bloomberg tried to admit his mistakes, but the roasts kept coming. At the end, he was able to move past them, and explain his policies on the economy and climate for example.

Buttigieg: put himself over the top! Being stuck with Klobuchar and Biden as “moderates,” Buttigieg tried appealing to the crowd, saying that Sanders and Bloomberg were “two of the most polarizing choices” for president. He attacked Klobuchar because he knew she was rising in the polls, and being a moderate, wanted the majority support.

Klobuchar: keep her momentum! After what many called a great finish in New Hampshire, Klobuchar strived to add to her case for why she should be the next candidate for president. She said she would rejoin things such as the Paris Accords and work on international trade agreements like the Mexico-Canada- US one.

Sanders: attack Bloomberg and appeal to the working class! Bloomberg, the wild card, was someone Sanders wanted to attack so that he could keep his current 1st place polling numbers. By calling his campaign a ”revolution,” Sanders wanted viewers to know how he plans to solve the inequalities in America.

Warren: convince some of Sanders’ supporters to support her: another supporter of Medicare for All, Warren has previously fell under Sander’s platform for healthcare. Tonight, she pointed out how she would have a “two-cents wealth tax” on the “top 1/10 of 1%.” To appeal to voters, she explained how she would “fight your family.”

Thank you for reading!!!



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