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Three Headlines to Pay Attention To Moving Forward

*Trump's chances of overturning the results of the election seem less likely with each new defeat. His legal team, led by personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, has had a difficult time proving that there has been widespread voter fraud across the nation. Yesterday, state judges in Arizona and Pennsylvania dismissed the lawsuits, and in Georgia, a federal judge confirmed Biden's victory.

*Will Biden be able to unite the country? He has repeatedly called for unity, something that is hard to find right now in the current political climate.

*The January Georgia Senate Runoff- according to the State of Georgia's website, a runoff is held when "no candidate wins the required majority of votes." Two seats are up for stakes: David Perdue (R) against Jon Ossoff (D) and Kelly Loeffler (R) against Raphael Warnock (D). Both sides have raised thousands of dollars in their campaigns- if the Democrats win both of these races, the power in the Senate would shift toward their side, and the Republicans need to win at least one of the races in order to keep the majority.

I want to thank CBS - KDKA Pittsburgh for interviewing me about this website - the news appearance can also be found on CBS Cleveland, MSN, and Yahoo. I have added the clip to my "media" tab.



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