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The Significance of President’s Day

Happy President’s Day Weekend! While this weekend is often associated with new car deals, no school, and the winter blues, there is a more symbolic reason that this day exists.

Each year, President’s Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February, and has been established since 1885. Originally created to commemorate George Washington’s presidency and later, Abraham Lincoln’s, in recent times, the holiday strives to commemorate all U.S. presidents for their service to this country.

Since it is President’s Day, I wanted to learn more about the legacies and interests of our 46 presidents, so here is a compiled list of ten fun facts pertaining to the presidents:

  1. George Washington’s (#1) dentures were not made of wood, but rather of ivory, gold, and human and animal teeth, among other materials.

  2. John Adams (#2) and Thomas Jefferson (#3) both died within hours of each other on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 1826.

  3. James Buchanan (#15) is the only president who never married. His niece performed the role of White House hostess while he was in office. He was also the only president who hailed from the state of Pennsylvania until Biden became president.

  4. Herbert Hoover, (#31) did not accept his presidential salary and donated his federal paychecks to charity. John F. Kennedy (#35) followed suit, donating his $100,000 per year salary to charity.

  5. Eight presidents were born in Virginia, more than any other state.

  6. Andrew Jackson (#7) had a 1,400 pound block of cheese that he kept in the White House, and allegedly allowed the public to eat the cheese post-presidency.

  7. William Henry Harrison (#9) holds the record for the longest inauguration speech at 1 hour and 45 minutes. He died a month later of pneumonia.

  8. Woodrow Wilson (#28) nominated the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandeis, to the Supreme Court in 1916.

  9. Gerald Ford (#38) was the only president to assume both the vice presidency and presidency without being elected. In 1973, Nixon’s Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned, and one year later, Nixon himself resigned following the Watergate Scandal.

  10. While it has been a widespread rumor for quite some time, there is no definitive evidence that suggests William Taft (#27) was ever stuck in his bathtub while assuming the presidency.

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