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The Last Presidential Debate

Moderated by NBC journalist Kristen Welker, last night‘s debate in Nashville, Tennessee was an event you did not want to miss. In case you did, here are the most significant details:

COVID-19: An important first topic of discussion, Welker asked Trump and Biden to reiterate their plans for handling the pandemic. Trump insisted that he saved lives and prevented “2.2 million deaths” by shutting down our border from China. He said that we need to open our country, and echoed that we are essentially over the worst part of the virus: “We will have a vaccine in the next few weeks.” Biden, on the other hand, believes that “200,000 more Americans“ could lose their lives to COVID, pending no changes. He criticized Trump’s testing strategy and claimed that the Trump Administration has had “no plan.” If president, Biden would increase COVID testing and “listen to the scientists.”

Foreign Relations: While the topic was supposed to be about the United States’s foreign policy, Trump’s lack of tax returns and Biden’s son made the headlines once again. Biden encouraged Trump to ”show us your taxes,” while Trump encouraged Biden to speak about his son’s “profits” from Ukraine. After these distractions, Welker asked the candidates if they were concerned about the threat of foreign interference in our elections. Biden asserted that he would make Russia and Iran “pay a price” for their actions. Trump asserted that his relationships with foreign leaders have been successful, and believes that he and the North Korean leader have a working relationship.

Health Care: The Supreme Court is expected to make a ruling on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, also known as ”Obamacare.” Trump claimed that the Affordable Care Act is “a total disaster,” and assured Americans that they will still receive healthcare even if the Affordable Care Act is deemed unconstitutional. Biden dissented strongly from Trump, and vowed to strengthen the Affordable Care Act if elected, and his plan would be called “BidenCare.” Biden emphasized how twenty million people with pre-existing conditions could lose their health insurance” without the Affordable Care Act. (See “2020 Candidates” tab for more information on their policies)

Immigration: Just this week, over five hundred parents are separated from their children after crossing the border illegally from Mexico into the United States. Trump said his administration will reunite the families and blamed Biden for not fixing the problem during his time as Vice President. Biden did acknowledge that he did not do enough to stop problems like this one in respect to immigration, but also argued that Obama was the one who made the vast majority of immigration policies. Trump defended his stance of illegal immigration, and referred to the immigrants as “coyotes and cartels.” (See “2020 Candidates” tab for more information on their policies)

Climate Change: Trump claimed we have “the cleanest air and lowest amount of carbon dioxide in the air.” He supports fracking, oil companies, and limiting clean energy regulations. Biden supports clean energy, a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, and wants to transition from a reliance on oil to a reliance of alternative energy.

(See “Candidates 2020“ tab for more information on their policies)

Racism: During this segment, Welker asked them to talk “directly” to American families about the issues of racism. Biden acknowledged the fact that African Americans have a higher risk of dying from a police incident than any other racial group, and sympathized with the families who have experienced something similar. Trump said that he is “the least racist person,” and believes “he has done more for Black Americans than any other president, with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln.” Trump also described his efforts at handling criminal reform.

We are less two weeks away from the election! Be sure to vote now if you have received your ballot in the mail, and if you are voting in person, stop by your local polling place as early as you can. Our democracy counts on you!



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