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South Carolina: Debate and Primary

Another week, another post! This week, we’ve moved from Nevada to South Carolina, site of the most recent debate as well as the site of tomorrow’s primary. Here are the big takeaways from Tuesday:

1) Tom Steyer is back! After not receiving enough polling to appear in Nevada, Steyer was back in action Tuesday. Steyer had previously spent a lot of campaign money on funding television ads, especially in South Carolina, and he has polled as high as second place.

2) Lots of fighting! Candidates were eager to point out each other’s flaws in an attempt to make their case for president. Warren attacked Bloomberg many times, from the accusation that Bloomberg was anti-abortion to calling him a “dangerous choice for president.” Buttigieg and Klobuchar argued Sanders would lose to Trump badly, saying it is dangerous to identify yourself as a “Democratic Socialist.” The Moderators of the debate (CBS) had trouble at times controlling the flow of the debate, as there were several periods of interrupted sidebars and arguments. Klobuchar at one point said that the fighting would “make it easier for President Trump to be re-elected.”

3) Foreign Policy: Unlike previous debates, there was a lot of discussion about foreign policy, and perhaps the most important topic right now being the Coronavirus. Other topics mentioned included the war in Afghanistan and the U.S. Relationship with China.

4) Gun Reform Law Controversy: Sanders was questioned by several democrats as to why he did not support the Brady Bill. The Brady Bill was a bill proposed to the Senate that would have instituted background checks on gun owners... Sanders, in defense, compared his “mistake“ to Biden’s ”mistake of signing the Iraq War bill.”

Tomorrow, we will have the 4th primary (Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina :) As a reminder, get ready for Super Tuesday, and be sure to visit our presidential candidates tab for more information about each of the candidates!



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