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Do We Have a Third Presidential Candidate?

Happy Thursday, everyone! You might have looked at the headline and wondered if I made a typo somewhere, but really, there might be a third presidential candidate. Less than 48 hours ago, Representative Justin Amash of Michigan announced he is running for president as a Libertarian. Amash is a former Republican who now identifies as an Independent.

Okay, so the Libertarian part? What are the principles of the Libertarian Party? Libertarians strongly believe that one of the most important principles of government is to grant every citizen with as much individual freedom as humanly possible. They advocate for a capitalist society that is founded by religious, proprietary, and constitutional freedoms.

Amash tweeted earlier this week, “Republicans and Democrats have taken millions of Americans for granted. People want to be treated fairly, and time and again they’re told to wait. I’m ready to win for you. Please consider making a donation today. Thanks for your incredible support so far!”

What percent of the popular vote will he receive in the national election? Comment below for fun with your guess!

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