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Democratic Debate 3/15/20

Sunday’s debate was unique in many ways. For starters, the debate took place in CNN’s studio in Washington D. C, and due to the Coronavirus, there was no audience. To comply with the recommendations put forth by the CDC, the podiums were distanced at least 6 feet apart. Let’s dive into the details!

Coronavirus is a legitimate concern to the health and economic standing of our country, and for the first 25-30 minutes, Biden and Sanders debated on how they would each tackle the national emergency. Both agreed on implementing similar strategies, but the ways in how they proposed their solutions differed. Sanders mentioned his Medicare For All proposal, and its benefits for addressing a nationwide pandemic. On the other hand, Biden referred to how his administration addressed the Ebola crisis when he was Vice President in the Obama Administration. In the end, both Biden and Sanders agreed they would waive fees for Coronavirus testing and medical care.

The other major issues discussed included immigration, social security, climate change, and gender discrimination. Biden, on live tv, vowed to nominate the first Black woman to the Supreme Court, and he promised to pick a woman for his Vice President if he becomes the nominee. Sanders said he would pick a woman to be his Vice President in “all likelihood.”

Sanders brought up many aspects of Biden’s past voting record in an attempt to highlight some of Biden‘s “flaws.” He brought up Biden‘s support in the past for the Iraq War, cutting social security, NAFTA, and other political positions. Biden denied those claims.

Finally, there was an energetic debate on climate change. Biden argued how he and Obama made alternative energy sources more affordable while passing legislation that prohibited fracking. Sanders argued how his plan of “taking on the fossil fuel industry” is much more helpful in tackling the “climate crisis.”

Thank you for reading! Be sure to vote if you are able!



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