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Cuomo’s Chaos

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus, governors have been brought into the public eye, and most notably, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Although Cuomo was initially hailed by many as a “hero” for his efforts to slow the spread of the virus, he is now under immense scrutiny after being accused of glorifying progress while failing to report the actual number of nursing home coronavirus deaths.

Cuomo’s allegations are serious enough that even a left-leaning journalism newspaper (The New York Times) blasted his leadership style, calling it “Brutalist Political Theater.” Former Clinton housing secretary Karen Hinton believes that Cuomo’s “primary tool for governing is to create fear.” New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is also concerned, pleading for the government to have a “full investigation.”

While the federal investigation is underway involving Cuomo’s possible attempt to cover-up coronavirus nursing home deaths, some are standing by the governor. According to a Siena College Research Institute survey conducted this February, fifty-six percent of New Yorkers are content with Cuomo. Rumors have also circulated in favor of him running for president of the United States.

Is Cuomo an aggressive crook or a charismatic leader? Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned for future political blogs.




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