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Bloomberg Qualifies for Democratic Debate

After not being able to appear on the democratic debate stage due to a lack of donators, billionaire candidate for president Michael Bloomberg has now qualified for the next democratic debate. Bloomberg had not appeared in the previous debates because he has self-funded his entire campaign. Just this year, the Democratic party announced that a candidate no longer needed a set number of donations, opening the door for Bloomberg.

With the change, Bloomberg needed a state or a national level poll that showed him polling over 10 percent to qualify: An npr survey revealed that he has approximately 19 percent support, which would be the 2nd highest percentage after Bernie Sanders.

How are the candidates reacting to the news? Klobuchar recently said she was an "advocate for him coming on the debate stage." On the other hand, Sanders expressed outrage, saying "that is what being a multibillionaire is about. Some very good friends of mine who were competing in the Democratic nomination- (Booker and Castro), work really, really hard. Nobody changed the rules to get them in the debate."

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