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Analysis: New Hampshire and the Road Ahead

After a series of technical difficulties that delayed the results of the Iowa Caucus, the New Hampshire Primaries delivered results much more efficiently. Bernie Sanders ended up winning New Hampshire with 25.7% of the total vote, with Pete Buttigieg right behind him with 24.4% of the total vote. Donald Trump won New Hampshire with 83 percent of the vote. As a surprise to many, Amy Klobuchar placed third, with more votes than Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. Let's look at the results in closer detail!

One thing to note is that there was a high voter turnout in New Hampshire. About 295,000 people voted, which was significantly higher than the 2016 turnout.

Klobuchar has raised about $2 million since her performance at last night's debate. After coming in fifth place in Iowa, Klobuchar attracted a much needed fan base in New Hampshire to keep her within striking distance of winning over the moderate Democrats.

So what are the standings in terms of delegates? Buttigieg leads the pack for the Democrats, with 22, followed by Sanders, with 21 delegates. In third place is Warren with 8, then Klobuchar at 7, and in fifth place, Joe Biden, who has 6. The Democratic nominee for president will need 1,991 total delegates.

A story that spread around the nation was Biden's fifth place finish in New Hampshire, where he was polling 1st place just 3 weeks ago. Before the results were revealed, Biden headed to South Carolina, where he hopes he can succeed in order to lessen the damage of his New Hampshire performance. As one Biden Campaign adviser put it, "I know we're supposed to say we're going to and we're going to win. But I just don't know."

Someone who has not appeared on the ballot in Iowa and in New Hampshire has been Michael Bloomberg, a self made billionaire and former mayor of New York City. Unlike any other candidate in the democratic field, Bloomberg has spent a very large amount of money and time into commercials. However, Bloomberg is polling as high as third place in a Quinnipiac University study conducted just a few weeks ago.

On to Nevada we go!



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