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10 Facts to Know from Election Day #1

Here are some helpful pieces of information to consider when digesting the news surrounding the election:

1) We have had the highest voter turnout in a century- since 1900. Regardless of the outcome, we should be encouraged to see such a high amount of civic engagement.

2) The Democrats are projected to keep the majority in the House of Representatives, but the race is not yet called.

3) Arizona is expected to flip blue- on Fox News, they have already projected that Biden has won Arizona. In the Senate race, Mark Kelly won against Senator Martha McSally- the Democrats need a +4 gain in order to have a majority in the Senate. Arizona is a state that Trump won in 2016, and a Democrat has not won in Arizona since 1996.

4) Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Lindsey Graham won in their states- Graham’s opponent, Jaime Harrison, raised over $60 million in funding toward his campaign.

5) Last night, Trump declared victory while Biden urged voters to remain patient. Both candidates are confident they will win the election.

6) Trump vowed to challenge the results of the election if he loses- he plans to take this case directly to the Supreme Court. He believes the mail-in-voting is fraudulent and dangerous for our country.

7) Some states automatically recount the vote, depending on the difference in percentage. Others will recount their vote totals if a presidential campaign challenges the results of the election.

8) We could have a scenario where Biden or Trump wins by just 2 electoral votes. If Biden wins Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, and parts of Maine, but Trump wins in Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, Biden could win 270-268.

9) The Nevada Secretary of State just announced that they will not release new numbers until tomorrow.

10) Pennsylvania ballots that arrive by Friday and were postmarked on Election Day or sooner will count toward the vote.



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